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Hi guys! I'm using tumblr recently, that's why I don't have time to update my blog. Chos!

And sadly, we're going to have our last function on Wednesday. Another exhausting day for me. :| I was assigned again in the invitation design. So I made it just simple as this.

What can you say about this? ^

Btw, I have here a photo of my school tie.

I don't know how to tie this perfectly, my Dad did this for me.

I tried it on my other tie, which I use in Food and Beverage Service. And wholah! See that? I made it! Perfectly! Haha! Congrats to me.

So here's how I did it. How to knot a tie perfectly.

Another thing was, my Dad found this last week. A dual sim Cherry Mobile phone. It's battery was too low so we can't open it the time he found it, sadly, we don't have this phone's brand which means we're not able to charge it. So what I did was removed the sim, inserted it to other phone. The sim has a lot of text messages from the owner, begging to return her phone.

The phone now is on its owner. :)
I'm currently suffering from hairfall. I don't know but my hairs are everywhere, in the kitchen, in my room, in the bathroom, even in our classroom. So now, I always tie my hair up, I don't care if it'll shape to something bad or not. I used anti-falling hair shampoo before, but it didn't worked. Hayst. I'm too tired and sick of this. :((

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  1. nice! sorry i was having my finals so i couldnt reply x_x and woah nice one i can't tie a tie :(


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