I need new shoes

Have you seen my new uniform? If not, here it goes.

Yah, that's the ugly me, trying to pose inside our room in Rizal. I can't remember when was this photo taken. Thanks to Glady who handed me this pic, it's from her phone's camera. Remeber the shoes I have planned to buy before? I posted it here. Wait. Oh, it's here, http://myxilog.blogspot.com/2011/07/excited-for-whats-new.html. I don't have money yet. We got a lot of expenses in school, which means, I can't manage to save for my misc. We will have a tour on the last week of September, not sure. And we'll have our catering very soon. So, I decided to buy cheaper shoes, maybe tomorrow. The one that I'm wearing in the pic was my doll shoes, which I bought before, stated here -> http://myxilog.blogspot.com/2011/06/are-you-ready.html.

So that's it, I guess. Have a good night everyone. :)


  1. Hi Myx,

    thanks for visiting my blog! i'm amazed that you can manage several blogs all at the same time! kudos to you!

    YOu have a cute uniform, I miss wearing mine :)

    food tripping need not to be expensive, it just so happened that those food in my entry came from Glorietta but they are cheap :)

    goodluck on your studies and your blogging :)


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