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Atlas, i have bought a new pair of shoes. Congrats to me. Well, this one's an acne shoes, with 1 1/2 inch heels. I had hard times using heeled shoes (my schools shoes has a 3 inch heel) before. In 5 of the students in our campus, 1 of them is wearing just like mine. Not actually the same as my shoes look, but as a whole, from a far, you'll tell me we have the same, but if they walk closer, you'll realize that they're not. We don't have classes this morning, I am not updated with that so I came so early, haven't enjoyed my sleep.

Yesterday is a big day. We went in La Salle to watch BAFBEX '11 (Batangas Food and Beverage Exposition). I did enjoyed everything from the start to finish. I was able to see how the students worked in their perspective area competitively. Yes, from table set up, chocolate praline, live cookery, cake decoration, bartending, napkin folding, bed making, quiz bee, mocktail mixing and other stuffs related to Hospitality Management.

Hey, someone stole a pic of me shooting my 'crush' flairing on the stage! Haha!

So here's the souvenir I got from one of the students who participated the said competition. :)

And then, last two nights, I designed two shirts for our organization, CTHM (College of Tourism and Hospitality Management). What do you think? Red arrows and descriptions are not included.

And the rest of the photos below, ME, enjoying my own photoshoot inside the mall's fitting room. Hehe.


  1. hi it possible we can use your design shirt for our HRM department official shirt..?

    here is my email address


  2. hi po...i like the design..can we used your design for our HRM department t-shirt..?

    here is my email address...

    thank you :-)


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