Done With our Second Catering

Say hello to my dinner, Chocolate Porridge. :)

After a very hard time preparing the foods and everything in the function room (Patio Cafe), still, job well done. I worked on a lot of things, I can't enumerate all. It'll flood my blog. Haha. Actually, it's really hard for me, John and Glad cause we're the only one who fixed everything. It's like, nobody existed. You know what I feel? Nevermind.

Next week is our Semifinal exam. And I don't care about it. I mean, I'll prepare for it. Hehe. I got my grades 2 days ago and I'm very disappointed. T.T I really need to focus on my studies, pause for a moment in Tumblr and Blogger, and read a lot. This isn't a joke, I really need to focus. We don't have grade in Catering class yet, everyone's incomplete because of that Financial Statement our instructor demanded.

I don't like hotel accounting seriously. :P My first day with that subject, my head ached. No kidding. Haha. I really don't like Math. It tackles about debit and credit, blah  blah blah.

And yeah, here's the food we served last Wednesday. Pasta ala Carbonara, Clubhouse and fries. My classmate isn't uploading the pics in her FB account yet, so please stay tuned for more photos. :)

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