Big Mistakes

Every single day in my life, I think about the mistakes I've done to myself and to other people. I didn't know how did I handled it before. I have no idea how would my life be if this/tht didn't happened.

6 inches eraser
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I saw this large eraser yesterday. Then I came to think, what if there's a huge eraser to erase our mistakes in our lives literally? I would be so grateful cause it'll be so useful. YeartoSuccess suggested some tips on how we can handle our mistakes. And it runs this way:
  • Take action to better the situation quickly. You may not always be able to correct the mistake right away, but almost always you can do something to better the situation. The key is to act quickly.
  • Do not call attention to your mistake unless it is necessary. Some mistakes do require public attention - as in the Ford incident. However, most mistakes can and do go unnoticed unless the one who makes the mistake calls attention to it. A good example of this is in public speaking. While giving speeches, I sometimes lose my place or skip some content, but the audience does not know it because I never say "Whoops... I lost my place" - I simply continue on like no mistake was made.
  • Don't play the blame game. If you made the mistake, or if someone for whom you are responsible made the mistake, take responsibility for the mistake. Admit your error and assure others that you are taking action to improve the situation. Trying to avoid responsibility for a mistake for which you are responsible does not say much for your character.
  • Apologize. If your mistake negatively affects others, apologize, especially if they bring the mistake to your attention. Do not try to justify or explain your mistake, simply apologize.
  • Use humor. When appropriate, use humor to draw attention away from your mistake and lighten up the situation. It is especially important to be able to laugh at your own mistakes.

It takes a person of character to gracefully and effectively deal with their own mistakes. This process is another one to which many people attribute their success. We all make mistakes and we can all recover from our mistakes with a little effort, character, and positive mental attitude.


  1. If there was an eraser like that .. I would gladly buy it. Haha! :)

    I love your advices! ;)

  2. Ang cute nung eraser. And yes, I agree. Malaki talagang parte ng buhay natin ang pagkakamali at ang pagbangon mula sa mga yun. :)

    Nice tips as well. ^_^

  3. Nice :D Really needed this and I somehow want that eraser.

  4. @shen, umi, lorraine, thanks for dropping :)

    do you have a lot of mistakes to erase too? heheh


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