Cream and Lotion

Applying body lotion is one of the few inexpensive ways that people can pamper themselves. Do you use one of this? Well, as people (especially women) grow older, they uses cream and/or lotion once in a while. Why? Because these products help to regenerate, replenish (anti-aging creams), smoothen,  and to soften dry and rough skins. Others make our skin glow.(Actually, only few men are concern about their skin, and there are skin care lines for them, in short, I don't care about what they use. Hehe.)

So here I wanna share what body lotion and hand cream I am using. What's for my hands? (Yes, I use different creams for my hands and body ^_^) I use Marks and Spencer's Aloe Vera Hand & Nail Cream. And what can I say about it? This leaves my hands soft and nourished and sinks in well. It has a nice fragrance, which is I need not to put some cologne of my hands. Its thick and very handy. :) I always have this in my pouch.

How about the lotion I'm using? Obviously, I'm satisfied with this Jergens® Replenishing Vitamin E
Gentle Exfoliating Moisturizer. Its not sticky like others do. I've been using it for almost 5-8 years. It does it's job and is still a great buy.

No photoshops or something, here's my lovely hands! (Actualy, they're not lovely. I just assumed.)

How about you? What brand are you using?


  1. My sister uses that brand as well! As for me, I don't really put lotion on my skin :/

  2. I like to use Vaseline on my skin. I just use thick Sorbolene cream for my hands because it's very moisturising. I just wear it before I go to bed and my skin can absorb it overnight :)

    Your hands look nice and your skin looks great :)

  3. Oh gosh, this post reminds me to apply body and hand lotion often. I don't use any unfortunately.

    But I do use a lot of products for my face though.

    For my use I'm using a Korean brand called Laniege. Wish they do body and hand cream, really love their products.

  4. @Grysh, maybe your skin is too sensitive for this O.O

    @Georgina, I have tried Vaseline too, I love its fragrance :), but I really prefer Jergens.


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