Photo Spam (I guess)

It's been a month since I last posted in this blog. I've been busy with my nonsense tumblr lately. :( And I've been missing Susan. :(

Last month was a super duper busy month, while this one is a cramming month. Actually, there's no difference between the two. It's our final exam tomorrow but I'm here in front of our computer, updating my blog. :) So here's what we had on our last catering event last August 3, which is supposed to be last month. (September 28 or 28). So here's our set up. (The table, the room design and the stairs, and yeah, us. :P )

Me with my corporate attire. (I stand in front of that orange table to greet the coming guests. I am the photographer too. ^_^ )

Me inside ladies room. :) Oh I mean, no, that's not me. That's a smiley face covering mine. (What!? O_O)

After the function (it's about 7pm) we had our random class picture. :) That's me, the girl on the right.

You can see in my face how tired and exhausted I was for I did a lot of things. U.U

But inspite of that, I still managed to look sexy. Haha! Kidding!

And this one, I just grabbed from my classmate's facebook (thanks Lawrence!), our tour last October 6 at MacroAsia (Airline Catering in the Philippines), Chowking commissary and Resort's World Manila.

Can you point me out? (Yeah you're right! I'm the girl wearing the Domo shirt. :) Thanks Soh for giving me that wonderful gift! :D I love you!)

And here's my Domo Kun collection for now.

Domo Collections
  • T-shirt
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Back Bag
  • Key chains (2)
  • Coin Purse (2)
  • ID lace
  • Baller
So that's it for a photo spam. I need to go and grab my notes, I ready need to study my lessons. :) Bye! I miss you so much Hunnie!!!


  1. Chu so pretty in every wayyy, waeeee
    forever jealous :((

    and oh i can seee my name in your blog post! guess what, im tagging you in my latest post also ;D

    i super duper miss youuu hope we can chat soon i have a lot of stories to tell you too :( :*

    miss ka, pag-ibig mo~
    ( OMG WHY IT SOUNDS SO WRONG?? sorry i google translated it :'( )

  2. haha. that's okay hunz :) (it's mahal kita, hehe)

    nahh, you lied hun. im not pretty! you are pretty! ;)

    let's just chat after our exams. KK? :)



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