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Hi there buddies! :) Thanks for dropping. :) I just wanted you to know that I've been tired of blogging about myself, what happens inside our school, about what I feel about somebody else, so for now, I've decided to blog about beauty products, I really need to purchase one every single day. Haha. No, not really. But yes, I will talk about some products I'm currently using, for I'm a lady now. I need to see the changes I have made with myself since the last time I behave as a girl. Woah! So deep.

Honestly, I don't have anything to blog now. I just want to write. I can't help myself from typing. This is nonsense Beware.

By the way, I have some of my photos here, taken today, yes, this very moment of time. :)

Pale, lifeless.

Let's see what would be the difference if I put some make up and other girly stuffs in my face. Let's see how gay I'll look after. Hehe. I'm not use of make ups, but I'm using some. (Sorry for the english. This is just how I express.)

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