Shooting Incidents

It's SM City Batangas 3-days-sale tomorrow and I don't know if I'll go there or not. First and foremost, I don't have money so it's expected that I'll just stay at home with my junk of lessons and some snacks. Secondly, I'm afraid of what might happen the time I'm inside the mall. This past few weeks there were two incidents that made me confused of roaming around the mall. How will I explain this lah?

1. A jealous lady shot her husband dead.
2. A boy did the same way to his boyfriend. (Imagine, they're only 13&14 years old) I guess.

These two happened inside the mall (SM), which means even inside the mall with a lot of security guards, you're still not safe to roam around. Well, we never know. Perhaps we're their next victim. (Oh please no.)

And I wanna show you one of a leak video of the boy who shot his boyfriend, they're still alive yet the officers are just standing there, watching the two, waiting for their breath to loose. WTH!?

I'm not yet done watching this vid. I just can't watch it.

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  1. i saw the videos and seriously, what irritates me are those police officers roaming around as if they didnt see anyone dying sa floor! ghad i hate filipino police officers!! no offense thou. =(


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