Featured: Lotus Biscoff Biscuits

Hola guys! As promised (though I didn't), I am trying my very best to be an active blogger, hopefully, I could break my 2012 blog record of 111 posts.

Yesterday after office work, I found myself siting inside the mall, waiting for my best friend. I accompanied her on buying stuffs her friend will bring to Korea on Saturday. Time flies too fast that he is going to leave so soon. Another post about my experience with them will be posted here, maybe on Saturday or next week.

So today's post was about some kind of cookies I found yesterday inside the international section of Citimart inside Bay City Mall Batangas. But before we proceed, in case you missed, here's my post about Trader Joe's Cookie Butter before, talking about how not-peculiar the product was. (But it tastes good, really.)

They said that Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter was way better than Trader Joe's, but then, what's my say, I haven't tried the other one.

And that very moment when I opened the pack of this goodies, the aroma of the cookie butter spread throughout my room. (I am not selfish, it just happened that I was inside my room and doing something. haha. Do I really need to explain myself here? LOL)

These bad boys were perfect for afternoon coffee or tea. Hmmm, next time, I'll make my own homemade cookie butter spread using this pack. :)

You can have a pack of 125g Lotus Biscoff cookies (approximately 11 pieces) for just Php55.


  1. Sarap noh? Meron din akong entry dyan, pero hindi ko na ulit sya kinakain. Mga ilang buwan din ako kumain nyan hehehe


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