Jovita Cafe, Batangas City

It's vacation time! Yey for me and for other bloggers who have vacays out there too! This is the time of the year we've all been waiting for. Not only because it's siesta time, it is bonus time too! Ayt?

And since people do have lots of mollah, they're almost everywhere! Except for a girl named Myx. Haha.

Anyways, I've been in cafe hopping the past weeks and I think this one's my favorite so far. I've tried that one located at Caedo Commercial Center in Bolbok and I will go back there not because of their coffees or frappe but because of their Clubhouse sandwich. Jovita Cafe opened two weeks back (not sure though) and been seeing their tarp on streets since last month.

So finally, after a week or two, I then stepped on its flourished place with my sister and best friend and tried out what goodies they could offer.

Best friend had a 16oz Java Chip frappe (Php75) while sister had a 22oz Minty Java Qoola (Php140). Mine wasn't actually on their menu list. I am just a stagy customer who wanted to have a drink of my own. Since they granted my request, I am naming my drink as Green Tea Myx in Caramel Sauce (Php75/12oz). Hihi.

Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad (Php110)

We also tried their salad just because I am a big fan of greens (I always nag my aunt to go to Pizza Hut for their salad). My company loved the grilled chicken for it was juicy and soft, you'll never think it was grilled actually.

Belgian Waffles (Php75)

Have I mentioned that I'm a lover of Belgian waffles too? :D Though this one's isn't that special, I still love it because of the whipped cream, makes my waffles look more pricey (LOL) and less cholesterol. And oh, that isn't maple syrup, that's caramel syrup! Yum!

Pancake (Php60)

Well, this one surprised me, like "Hoolah! I never thought they'll add this on their menu!". It may look like just simple pancake with no nothing on it, but viola! Something you never wanna miss. (exaggerated a bit. hehe)

There's an oreo inside my pancake! ^_^ It made the pancake yummier (and guiltier too!).

So if you're living within Batangas City, this cafe is a must visit. I couldn't tell about the facility since it was newly opened and everything is well organized. :) To sum everything up, I did enjoyed my visit at Jovita Cafe and I can't wait to visit the shop again soon. The owner was so nice, we had some chit chats before we left and also told us how to gain a reward.

Before I finally forgot, they do have cakes too and they're from Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant!

Visit Jovita Cafe FB page here.


  1. hey thank you for dropping by my blog :) glad to know you're from batangas! thanks for posting about these cafes. may pupuntahan na pala ako pag umuuwi ako!

    1. Thanks for dropping dear! There's a lot to visit in Batangas City now :D I hope I could blog all of them!

  2. ma-try nga dito. :) nice blog lady myx, newbie blogger here

  3. Wow, the food looks good! Gonna try this today. :)


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