Myx Travels; Tingloy, Batangas

Hola amigos/amigas! This is a very late post since it blasted a year ago. LOL.

Where did you spend your Holidays? Since we I have two weeks off, I've decided not to waste any time but enjoy every single minute of it. Coincidentally, bestfriend invited me to join her adventure in one of her favorite vacation spot in Batangas. The fact is, I am not an adventurer, I just travel in my heart's content and that's it.

So here's the highlight of my four (4) days adventure. ^_^

Our first day (December 30, 2014) started late in the morning. We (best friend and a common friend), met by 10 and departed from Batangas proper just before lunch time. It was an hour or so travel until we reach the port (just a small port) in Anilao, Mabini Batangas. In case you're familiar with the place, yes, it is one of the best spots to dive in.

The boats (yes, all of 'em) departed already so we've waited until there's a single one who'll let us in. But before anything else, we had our lunch on spot.

What my hometown is known for; Lomi

After lunch, we headed north and patiently waited so we could leave. Guess what, it was almost three (3) in the afternoon when one of the boats let us in. Phew! Finally, I said. (I nagged my bestfriend that time asking if we could just go back home and cancel the trip. LOL.)

Trying to strike a Johnny Bravo pose.

I never thought that it will be that hard to catch a ride.


Me, bestfriend Mhyre, Faith

It was seven (7) in the evening when we arrived on our friend's house. They fed us dinner and went to sleep right away, it's exhausting to wait for a boat which will take us there, really.

On our second day (December 31, 2014), I gropingly move inside the house. Though everyone's so hospitable, I am not used on sleeping on other's houses, most especially when they're not related in blood with me. All I thought that time was faith. Haha. Kidding! Elecrtric power is unstable, no water supply (just wells and river and springs) and lastly, no signal/wifi on that place where we stayed. Here's a trivia, there's no fireworks that night, even firecrackers (it was New Year's Eve, mind you). That was such a silent night.

Yey to third day (January 1, 2014)! Early in the morning, we prepared ourselves for an early spiritual meeting.

Mhyre and Me (how's the vintage-ish laced dress I'm wearing?)

After an hour and a half of gasping my breath while we passed through how many mountains, we arrived at their Kingdom Hall. That was a very happy and encouraging meeting we've attended. I personally experienced the worldwide unity of Jehovah's people when eight (8) congregations from different parts of the Philippines invaded Tingloy's little Kingdom Hall.

In the afternoon, we spent our time in the seashore (Tingloy is an island located in the northern part of Mindoro).

"That's Mindoro!", said she while me scratching my head trying to figure the thing out. Haha

I wasn't upset with the whole set up. It was a very fun experience actually. On my last night there, I told myself that I'll come back once I'm available again. I haven't seen everything yet, and there's still a lot to explore. We didn't went to the beach to take a bath, I just wanted a me-time to reflect, I wish I set up a bonfire there and made some s'mores.

A little note on the photo stating, "Myx was here; 1/1/15".

Tingloy's reflection, "You need not to be happy because you're overwhelmed with the things happening in a certain point of your life, be happy on simple things, they're more overwhelming, I tell you". :)

Nathan; our common friend, our host! Thanks a lot for everything! See you again soon!


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