Is Anybody Out There?

My bestfriend was here last night . She slept beside me. I wondered why she likes to hug the pillow instead of placing it under her head . Does it related to some personal problems? She rather hug a pillow to feel someones' comfort?

Just got her phone and have read some of her resentments about her life. (stucked as memos on her phone.) Aw! I didn't read any, just a glimpse of 'em.

She came here last night crying but she didn't told me. Apparently, snob.

But she's a very strong person and she can manage to smile even if it really hurts. I wish I can have her strenght. She knew that running away from dilemmas isn't the right thing to do. That's my perception about her, for almost 10 years of friendship, I really can tell, I knew her a lot.

She knows she can fix everything. It's just a matter of a whole bar of chocolate.

By the way, she really loves teddy bears!

I always invite her to sleep in our house, in my room, so she can forget some sort of things quarreling in her freaking head. I guess that's a big help.

She's my total contrast! Sometimes annoying, but sometimes not.

And yeah! Here's some pictures of us, taken 2 years ago, when I skipped from class and went shopping with her. See? I'm still in my school uniform!


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