Korea on War!

News Update:

The attack, which comes days after it emerged that North Korea was pressing ahead with its illegal nuclear programme, marks a serious further escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The incident is believed to have been sparked by South Korean military exercises in the area, which the North had objected to.

Officials said “dozens” of artillery rounds had landed on Yeonpyeong Island at in the Yellow Sea, 50 miles off the South’s northwest coast in an area close to a disputed sea border. Other reports suggested around 200 shells could have been fired in the attack which began at 2.34pm local time (7.34am GMT).

Source: The Telegraph

Hey! What's happening! Is it the sign of the ever-historical World Wars?? I mean, World War III??


Nahh! BTW, Last night...

I imagined myself as one of female character in a korean drama ..im n0t perfect and didnt lo0k decent at all..i use to eat n0odles alone and drink alot of soju everytime i feel to..my fashi0n realy sucks and my hair is untied and ..im clamsy and sometimes have my own w0rld..people see me as a n0ob pers0n and only icecream can make me happy..i have friends when im w/ them..i have f0es when i turned back..im a perfect imperfect girl in the world..

I love listening to emo songs. (is there any em0 s0ng in korea)..they're my lullaby.. i owe my friends a lot..perhapz thats the reason why they were backstabbers..i d0nt have any won (currency in Korea) in my pocket ..i love wearing pajamas for it realy feels comfortable ..i always scratch my scalp when i did s0mething weird..there were times i wash the dishes on restaurants..i cant pay for the bulgogi ..i always munch fish cakes on sidewalks, and s0metimes make kimchee just 4 myself..im broke, but earn a living by helping at d store of my friend..i always go h0me late at night but still, n0b0dy cares..

Hahaha! That's just the description of myself in the drama. I haven't met my prince charming yet.


And that character, was SHE! Yah! It's me.


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