The Legend of Anemia

From unlimited internet usage to 5 hours internet browsing The story begin with this.

Last 4 months, I have an unlimited computer usage. Yeah! UNLIMITED!  “Inaabot pa nga ako ng 4am pagnenet eh, at umabot din sa puntong hindi na talaga ako natutulog”. Yay! And my Dad always scold me because of that. I’ll be anemic if I’ll not sleep, etc etc. Blogging is my reason , yet the truth is…I’m addicted to facebook and I admin 20 facebook pages with 8k fans and likers. I don’t care about my blog for I’m enjoying chatting and talking to different kinds of people. Yes! FACEBOOK! I miss eating dinner  because of that.

Then time came…FACEBOOK BAN! Yeah! No Facebook, or any sign. , now I’m not under evil Facebook’s influence.

But! The restriction isn’t over yet! One day, I found out that the main account has a password. Haha! So I thought of a plan on how can I use our PC. I made an account, a guest account, and yes! I do had an internet access, unlimited surfing and yes! ADDICTION!. Oops! Not yet over! My brother discovered my secret so he put time restriction on the guest account.  Haha! So kind! It’s from 3pm to 10pm. But 7 hours isn’t enough for me.

Then one time, bigla akong nahilo. Dizziness made me crawl on the floor. My head really ached. My Mom and I ran to the hospital. Haha! Dahil sa lowblood ako, nagkaroon tuloy ako ng anemia. I thought astigmatism sakit ko, but it's not. Ang dami kong ininom na gamot.Ang dami kong naging pasa’ sa noo. Ang dami kong nakain na ampalaya, and promise! Ayaw na ayaw ko ng lasa. :P

And I really learned from that. Hindi na po ako uulit. :D Magbebehave na po ako.  Yes! I don't have Facebook account na. I have deleted it for my health's sake. Byebye FACEBOOK!

For now, I am one of those people who have a badge like this.


  1. Hey there, thanks for visiting :)nice blog wanna exchange link?

  2. hi. i think your post says sumthing about me whenever i have my free time. you have to control while you can. LOL. anyway thats kinda funny, but alarming since it affects your health. try minimizing your net hours little by little till you get use to an hour or a "no net" for the day. it will be helpful too if you do physical activities with friends or family or your pet. it will help you overcome your :net addiction". :) just dropping by. i got anemia as a result of being insomniac.:)

  3. lol! soooooo sooo addiiiict!

    X N


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