It's so Weird!


I thought I was crying on bed when I woke up. I got the weirdest dream tonight ever!

I'm on a mall, trying to withdraw some bills for my bestfriend when the ATM broke up and only released $20! I am so disappointed cause I got no money for lunch. Then other 3 people wanna go first with the ATM. One of the guy was right next to me, placed his arm on my shoulder, than KISSED me on the cheek. I was about to slap him but I don't have chances. I went home but there he is following me. This really sucks! I ran as fast as I could but he's still behind me. I felt so tired so I stopped and told my Dad what's happening, then I cried. My Dad didn't believe me, then...

I was awakened. Kakaloka. I was breathing hurriedly. I can't stand up. I'am about to cry.

1 comment:

  1. awww! i think it's nightmare. haha. this is so weird.
    never had a dream as weird as that. hmmm.

    X N


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