Photography Rules!

Hey! You again! Thanks for dropping in my boring site. .

Btw, I got here some photos of mine captured by an ordinary digital camera . I don't have DSLR yet. But it's nicer to shot images with a Nickon or Canon cam. . We're not that rich to avail one. But if there's a good-hearted people who want to help a photojourn-wanna-be like me, it would be great if someone will donate. Sorry for being so paranoid .

So yes! Here's my best friend's phone.

Yah! That's what we call, MESSAGES IN A BOTTLE. (pretty obvious huh!)

This bear is as small as a coffee mug.

[Click first 3 images to enlarge.]

And hey! This was ME!
Taken last two years!

All photo's were original. . I didn't used photoshop action or anything. But for sure, on my next photo post, I'll edit them with PS. . So, that's for today. Harr! Posting just for blogging's sake. BLANK[!]

I'm open for comments and criticisms.


  1. @sushi,

    ahahah! you crazy! how will you suppose to do that! freak!

    btw, tnx :P

  2. i'd like to donate, but i don't have any as well :P

  3. i want to have a dslr too, my two digicams are already sick. haha.

    yer friends phone is samsung champ ? nice aa XD

    and yer pretty sis XD

  4. .aw! thanks for the compliment :D

    and thanks for visiting :D

    yah, it's a champ, and it's so small. :P

  5. I looooove your photos! xD How did you manage to blur the background? xD Oh, if I was the one who won the lottery, then I'd surely donate you a DLSR. I want one too! Hihi~

  6. @miho, i focused on the object and set it in Macro shot. :D hehehe, thanks!


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