Cigarette Butt Found

This is really gross! Look what my sister found in this cheap junk food. A cigarette butt in the package. I mean, this isn't a food. THIS IS A JUNK!!!

I have sent a complain already on the mail I found in the package, and I'm now waiting for the company's reply. Hope they'll reply asap. My Mom can't believe this. This is really @#$%^&*^!!!


  1. This is TOO MUCH!
    I had this JUNK once when the store couldn't give me a one peso change, the lady gave me this instead, and I only ate the ones that looked like "Nagaraya" EWWWW.
    This should be on the news.

  2. @hun, yeah! this is "ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

    @aiverln, this isn't the first time, we only consider the companies reputation if it'll be on news.

    (We need privacy too :P LOLJk)

  3. So nice of you to consider their reputation. I'm never going to buy such again, I'm gonna warn my little brother too.. He is so fond of such snacks..

  4. oh my..
    that's really gross.. thank you for sharing this incident.

  5. thats why the doctors told us not to eat junk food. :))

    but that is seriously gross... did u eat some of it? ><

  6. so disgusting..

    the company should be responsible for this.

  7. @all, yeah, I can't really believe this gonna be happen to us. this is unbelievable and gross. The company had replied to my e-mail and they get our locations cause they have 4 factories here in the Philippines, and they gonna do something regarding this as soon as possible. :D

  8. Junk food is really junked haha
    I used to buy this when I was a kid :(

  9. OMG! this snack company should really go to hell. gross to the very core!!!

  10. @nina, yeah, i have learned my lesson now :P

    @anne, hehehe, thet're working on this issue now, i guess :D


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