Fashion and music have always been regarded as twin vanguards of self expression. And I have been influenced by them when I started to fall in love. Joke! Music keeps our life going. Other says music is life. It is somehow true for life without music was really boring. I love music but it really depends on what genre will I listen to. Its like a relationship. There has to be a certain level of commitment. But sometimes this thread got to be pulled off. Emotions tell you what kind of song will you listen to. When youre gay, there were love songs, when youre upset, there were sad songs. But one more thing about music that passionate me a lot was it can tell how people feel. I know how to play piano, just the simple do re mi. I can play the guitar too.

 I have here some myx (hey! it's me! ) magazines and they are awesome. Its a music magazine here in the Philippines. One reader said that this mag was really cool, it keep readers updated on music industry especially the local music scene. Ofcourse not just the local, it contains international music news too. I have bought an issue with Super Junior and Wondergirls trivia. That was the 19th issue I guess. Hindi talaga sya nakakasawang basahin. Very informative about our favorite local and int. Artists. How about you? Do you have music magazines too?

Oh by the way, meet my new baby, she's GeeGee :D


  1. i love music and fashion. the two things I can't separate them.

    -craziest girl-

  2. omg there'e a magazine called myx in your country? :O
    LOL u must be famous! ;D

  3. I agree. music is the mirror of your emotion I must say. :)

    hmmm. I never owned any myx mag. lol. But I'm a big fan of MYX channel.


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