I ♥ to EAT!

I'm very fond of eating and suppose I must be as stout as my younger sister but I'm not. Hahaha! So, I am very thankful about it. I always wanna try different kinds of foods. But for now (I don't have any coins in here), I have tried this fried noodles and fried ice cream for my lunch yesterday.

That thingy is clean, I guess. It just look so messy and dirty because of the first batches of noodles which were cooked in it.

First, the lady placed some noodles and bean sprouts in that metal thing, and later, she put some secret sauce. I guess it was just "oyster sauce". Haha! In a minute, all are set and done.

They have six different sauces, just put some of it in your noodles. I like Sweet and Spicy but I have chosen that KOREAN mix. That's how I love Korean foods!

Here's how simple mixing was.

I'm done!

It was served with siomai or Chinese dumpling and a glass of Black Gulaman.

And for my lunch dessert, I have here Fried Ice cream. I asked the vendor how come it was called Fried Ice cream if they didn't use oil and didn't fry it at all. The vendor just smiled at me and ask for my address. Well, I'm not interested to talk to him though. I just wanna know why it was called that way. But I got no answer. I just enjoyed what I have.

That was so......hmmmmmmmmm! I'll buy again if I'll pass in that mall again. Haha! Last night when we talked, my brother promised to take us to that Korean Restaurant found in Makati, so we can try that controversial fish cake/ 오뎅. He told us that was indescribably delicious. I'm really excited about it. So, bye for now.

PS. I miss Susan. I miss our talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing, talking, and laughing and all.


Fourth Floor Bay City Mall
corner of D. Silang and P. Burgos Street
Batangas City


  1. omg hun i just read ur posts and i was like so touched hen i saw my name in ur posts T____T
    hun, imy too. very much.
    lets set time for us to chat so we don't have to find each other like crazy, agree?
    imy so much, tag me when ur ol :(

  2. I always wanted to try fried ice cream! Was it good? ^^

  3. @xian, me too! :D

    @susan, we're talking already! :D haha

    @WT, it is! but actually, they didn't fried it. :P

  4. they sure seems like a mouth-watering kind of food :'9

  5. @aiverrlyn, I didn't know :P haven't tried it yet :P (teriyaki)

    @anne, kinda :D i'll try other mix too :D

  6. I don't eat that noodles. Maybe hindi ko pa talaga nakukuha ang tamang timpla. kaya hindi nagiging masarap saken. LOL. hmm. wo! yummy talaga yang fried ice cream sis. :)

  7. @ate dianne, hehe, kasi naman po, lahat ng pagkain saken masarap :P
    walang hindi eh, matakaw kasi ako. pero i make use of my taste buds naman :D

    parang ordinary ice cream lanf din po yung fried ice cream eh.


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