Pansol Hot Spring

Just got home from Calamba, Laguna! :D Yey! I had so much fun even though we're just few. I mean, we're just 10, ok? We visited Pansol for some reasons. (1. It's vacation, 2. Oldies like to soak to hot water 3. It's boring at home.) So, we departed by 4 in the afternoon, and arrived there at 6. There's nothing new in there. I have forgot to take some pictures of the place. Haha! The photos below are all I've got. :P And oh! I also forgot it's name (the resort's name, Pansol Hot Spring I guess). Haha! I didn't mean it. I just recalled it was beside Villa Navarro Hotspring Resort.

The pool isn't compose of tiles, volcanic rocks instead. That made the water in the pool hot. There were fishes too. But you can't feed them. All you can do is to stay in your place and let them bite your feet and thigh. Haha! Yah! The admin told us that fishes are going to eat our dead cells. And I've tried it. They tickled me a lot. I like that feeling.

Here's the volcanic rock I'm talking about.

Us soaked in the hot water, enjoying the night. The girl beside me is my younger sister. Who's prettier?

Whew! My sister and me. (Sorry for the quality of this pic. My sister used her Samsung phone.)

And...this was me. Jumping and.... I don't know. I just made fun of myself in here.

And oh! Please welcome my new friends here. Three Korean Noodles from Robinsons Lipa, two rice crackers or Galleta de Aroz in Spanish.

Here's that Korean Rice Cracker and Japanese Rice Crackers (I guess it's Japanese, am I right?) They are the same in texture, but ofcourse, different in taste. Korean's sweet.

So, that's for now people. Have a great day! I miss my room.


  1. Hi sis :)) Envy you, you went on vacation already. I'm stuck with school work..

    I think you and your sister are both pretty, it's hard to choose who's prettier lol.

    take care always..

  2. Woah... never been at that place pero it looks good there. :)

    Sigh...I've seen Shin Ramyun again. That's my fave Korean noodles because it's sooo spicy. :) I love to eat that whenever the weather's cold or if it's raining. :D

  3. @23, school works? Just like my younger sister. :P sana matapos mo na yun kaagad :D

    @rich, yah, it's spicy. :D i mean, all of korean noodles with kimchi flavor. :D

  4. wowow, really interesting! where is Calamba anyway? i think it might going to be one of my touring destination 8w8

  5. In that photo, you're prettier. :)) But both gorgeous. ;)

    How much yung rate? Private ba?


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