Just some random questions I got from SUSAN and MIHO and LOLLI. And I guess I really need to answer this. By the way, I have to thank Susan for tagging me, cause I'm really running out of ideas to write in here. LOLjk!

1. Why did you create this blog?
Well, I just want an online diary, I have A LOT of blogs btw. :P

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow blogs with different genres. But more on "informative blogs" such as food, machinery, lifestyle, entertainment, science/tech, and business blog.

3. Favourite makeup brand?
I don't wear make-up most of the time but I have some here. Ever Bilena ^.^

4. Favourite clothing brand?
Ahhhhmmm, just Guess, Donna Karan, Mango, Lee, Oxygen and others. I don't care about the brand actually. I just (L) those which fits me well.

5. Your indispensable makeup product:
Those which irritates my skin. (I remembered the time I had the facial, the lady put a lot of chemicals on my face, and then, my face started to have spots and dots, I don't know how to call it.)

6. Your favourite colour:
BLACK! And skyblue, and violet I guess. (I'm not a girly girl.)

7. Your perfume:
A lot! See here.

8. Your favourite film:
Ofcourse, my all-time favorite! TITANIC! Tahaha! (So vintage!)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
KOREA!!!! O.O I just wanna go there, cause Koreans loves to EAT! And they have a lot of foods there. :D

10. Make the last question yourself and answer:
Who's your favorite foreign artist?

Ohyeah! I'm done answering! HHHMMMM, can I tag this back to Susan? I don't know. :P So, I am tagging this to.......... SOOON!


  1. haha i was born after titanic was out. still have the CD <3 but its broken D:

    bcoz not ori~ i think i'll buy the cd. it's a very precious movie.!

  2. i love korea too. because they have a lot cute things there. and the food too. never taste one, but my friend said its delicious. :D

  3. @fay haha yup yup! at Living Cabin, kedai korea in jusco, giler bnyk benda2 cuteee !
    u cannot leave the shop empty handed! :P

  4. @ intansyazana, yeah! it's a myth :P and i really love that movie even I have watched it for several times! :D

    @fay, Yah! I'm a food tripper! :D I wanna try bulgogi and the fishcake. (my brother already tried it in a korean resto here in the Philippines[Makati])

    @jamie, yeps! wanna join me? hahaha! I don't know when can I go there, but I'm still waiting, so yeah!

  5. I'd love to visit Korea one day too! I like to try their dishes and I hope I could see my Korean crushes while walking on the street. LMAO =))

  6. You wouuld like to go to korea? waah I was just there last september and attended chuseok.. my 1 week stay has been nice.. But i have to be back soon.. LOL I plan to back to korea maybe march next year.. wanna meet up there?

  7. @rich, haha! :P me too! i want that :D (better dream more :D)

    @melle lee, really? wow! :D i'm so addicted to it :D (@.@)


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