Get Lost Ant!

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What happened to me yesterday? 'tis was like, I'm going to DIE. After watching TV, I dropped by to the kitchen to munch something. I saw some small ants on the floor and swipe them with a broom. I am about to go back to my room to get my phone when an ant got inside my eye (my right eye) and bit me. That really hurts! I burst out and cry! I can remove that stupid ant in my eye cause it was hooked. It really feels like dying. T.T I made use of cotton buds and I guess that made my eyes turned into red, red as blood. I asked my sister to help me get rid of that ant but there's no way she can pull it. I'm crying a lot, she cried too. Haha! After 1 hour, the ant was still there, and I'm bleeding. (Nah, not my eyes, my heart.) I can't feel my eyes anymore. Huhu! T.T

My sister suggested to use a tweezers but I don't think it'll work. So, I did lose hope. Crying is all I can do. T.T (Domo called, it's like I'm gaining hope again.)

I used that tweezers for the first time, yah, it didn't work. And fot the second time....ATLAST! It's like winning a million dollars! A new life, and a new eye. Hahaha! Yeah! I'm crying at the same time I was praying. I am so thankful cause I was saved from that dead ant. So woooh! I sprayed Concentrated Mineral Drops on my eye, hoping it will recuperate soon.


  1. a little bit hun, it is (my eye) still aching T.T


  2. ant in ur eye. omg. its hurt.

    hope u okay now.

  3. man... thats going be remembered forever..

    maybe the ant was mad, u killed its family D:

  4. @intan : lol intan :DDD
    yeah maybe u killed his family myx D:

  5. @Fay, so far, I'm ok now. :D thanks for the concern! ^^

    @intan, yay! I have killed a lot of ants! I'm an ant bully! :P

    @hun, yeah! I hate them when they walk through our foods, they're annoying! :P


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