Dog Language

Posted on May 9, 2012, 3:12pm

My family loves dogs. We have 3 all over the house, all are tied up cause they're too dangerous, for strangers. Mom always cook foods for them.

Our dogs always cry . His (Lucky) whining is part of his language, just like his barking, which can vary in tone, timbre and frequency, and mean something different everytime.

Here is Potchie, a she, the youngest among the three. (Others are Lucky, the white dog and Booba, which is black.)
The important thing is to understand what they mean when they bark, whine or cry. But dogs know other ways of expressing themselves as well. Potchie communicates with the expressions on his face and the movements of their body. He moves his tail when he is happy, when he is enthusiastic about something he wags it frantically. He puts his tail between his legs and keeps his head down, when he has done something wrong and is afraid of being told off.

Dogs sometimes even talk with their eyes . According to how a dog feels, its eyes can express love, resignation, courage, fear and hate. The eyebrows lowered means a dog is sorry, the eyes wide open and staring are a sign of joy. An empty look means suffering, and a dog which is suffering needs to be cured of its sickness.

If a dog coming towards you has a straight and stiff tail, its lips curled up in a snarl, that means it has bad intensions. Do not run away , try to calm it with kind words.

  • How many dogs do you have?
  • How did they express their feelings towards you?


  1. we had dogs before, too bad, four of them died, two of them were stolen. ugh, anyways. im over it so.

    aww, yer dogs are so cute :DD hehehe. i envy you sis. i want to have one.

  2. we don't have dogs but this post is certainly handy whenever I'll encounter one

  3. @Cheen, Aw, sorry to hear that from you. :( satyang naman mga dogs.


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