Paotsin Sharks Fin

Posted on May 19, 2012, 9:45pm

My classmates love to eat sharks fin. And its like every week we have to try different varieties from Paotsin. The last time I ate this, except yesterday was 2 years ago. I told to myself before that I'll not gonna eat sharks fin cause I saw how they were cut from live sharks, and that's really pitiful .

Then yesterday, while inside the mall, my sister can't decide where to eat. I suggested her to try Paotsin's since she haven't tried it ever since. Sharks fin was their best seller. And the dumplings are best together with Hainanese rice (the green rice, or the so called, chicken rice, originated in China, cause it uses chicken stock in cooking)

They offer array of dumplings and rice meals.

Sharks fin and Hainanese rice. Before, I thought it was just onion rice.

This is perfect for vegetarians, it really tastes like meat.

My sister, with her troll face (I guess) after munching, she liked the food lah.

Dumplings: Php38
Dumplings with Hainanese rice: Php50

Over all Rating:

Ps. They don't have chairs for the customers but they have stalls in different SM Malls.

SM Supermarket
SM City Batangas
Pallocan West, Batangas City


  1. Hindi ko pa nasusubukan kumain sa Paotsin, kahit na kaliwa't kanan ang branches nila! :) Hindi ko alam kung bakit, kahit na mahilig naman ako sa mga dumplings. :) Next time na may chance akong kumain dyan, susubukan ko na yung food nila. :) Mukhang masarap!

  2. I've been loving PaoTsin for almost three years already, its really nice and soooooo affordable :) Recently I tried to pair it up with a Poached Egg, and its still perfect :) You might want to check it out


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