Lots of Korean Ice Cream @ Nuciti

Posted on May 18, 2012, 10:57am

Nuciti is the new mall opened last May 11 here in Batangas City. It is now one of the comfortable places where we can buy our stuffs. Actually, we already have Caedo Commercial Center (just beside our school), Bay City Mall, SM City Batangas, SM Hypermarket and Puregold (will be open to the public in just a few months). I roamed around the supermarket to see the difference between prices of goods from other supermarkets in the vicinity. Items are more costly than the others.

Then I saw these.  Lots and lots of KOREAN ICE CREAMS!

I bought Samanco Red BeanPangtoa Cookies 'N Cream, both Binggrae's.


Good thing, the packages of these products are now translated in English. The last time I ate some, they are in Korean, just like the photos below.
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Pangtoa is a two layered soft sponge cake filled with cookies & cream ice cream.

Melted filling. This product is best while its frozen.

While Samanco is a gold fish shaped waffle filled ice cream sandwich with soft vanilla ice cream and a sweet layer of red bean syrup.

Sorry for the messy pic. Hehe.

PS. Yesterday, I have tried another product from Binggrae, I heard its the great competitor of Lotte (another brand of ice cream, cookies, etc etc) in Korea. Power Cap is a frozen soda in plastic tube. And it taste good too!

Pangtoa:        Php55
Samanco:      Php55
Power Cap:   Php39

Overall Rating:


  1. iba yung lasa ng korean ice cream, napaka totoo nung flavor. nakaktuwa. hindi kamuka nung mga ice cream sa pinas

  2. yes Kuya Mots, super milky ng mga ice cream nila, lalo na yung Melona, lasang lasa lahat ng flavors. (fave ko yung Melon flavor.)

  3. Wow! I hope there will open a shop here where they sell Korean foods too. I want to try that cookie and cream ever since! :P

  4. ICE CREEEEaM! ang yummy naman tingin pa lang, lalo na yung sandwich na ice cream! at ang mura

  5. @aian, mas mura daw po sa iba eh. sabi nila. :P

  6. I love ice cream! Pero di ko pa nattry ang melona! I shall taste it tom!

  7. SAMANCO is the best ice cream sandwich I ever tasted. Luckily, some stores sell it for 45 bucks.


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