Adobo Connection's Adobo Spaghetti

Atlast! Adobo Connection reached Batangas! It's been a hit for Adobo lovers in Manila for a couple of months now. They cater variants of technically, Adobo dishes in very affordable prices. And I guess I don't need to discuss further cause I knew you already watched them being featured in different shows and food blogs. :)

The time we visited Lipa, we were able to drop by Robinson's Place Lipa and tried their unique dish called Adobo Spaghetti.

If only we could spare more time at the mall, we'll dine at Adobo Connection and try their best sellers. And if time would allow us for a second chance, I'll grab the opportunity and munch munch munch!

Adobo Spaghetti comes in a microwavable circular container and a disposable fork. What's inside?

This dish is a serving of pasta with adobo flakes and garlic chips as topping, very nice alternative to rice.

Yiieh! Can't wait to try their other scrumptious dishes esp their Pork Adobo Rice! :)

Webpage: Adobo Connection


  1. I haven't been to Adobo Republic. Must give it a try soon! :)

  2. Haven't tried that yet. Naintriga ko sa Adobo Spaghetti. :D

  3. I wish they'd open up branches in my city! I love adobo AND spaghetti! especially ung pinoy style na spaghetti.
    A Hint of Sunlight

  4. Medyo nag-alangan ako sa adobo spaghetti nu'ng una. Adik ako sa adobo, but I think this is a bit, let's say, over the top.

    Buti na lang hindi naman siya disappointing. Nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

    What's spectacular though is their Lola's Classic. :)


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