Management Monday: Rise 'em up!

Hola everyone! :D It's Management Monday once again! And I'm on my second week of MWF project. I do apologize if I cheated last week. :P A lot of things came up, which consumed most of my time. >.< So without further ado, here's my Monday tips for everyone!

Do you love the old-fashioned taste and aroma of yeast bread like pan de sal, pan de agua, and the like? Have you tried making them of your own? Well, basically that's exhausting, and time consuming, but believe me, it is worth the wait and effort. And to meet your perfect bun/bread, MYXILOG offers these basic instructions:

Temperature: Yeast combined with hot liquid is what causes bread to rise. Use your finger to test the temperature of the liquid. It should be very hot to the touch.

Kneading: Sprinkle flour on work surface, dough and your hands. Fold dough over toward you, pressing down and away from you using only the heels of your hands. Rotate dough one-quarter turn, continue kneading until dough is smooth and elastic.

Rising: Simply cover dough with a cling wrap or a greased plastic wrap plus a clean towel on top of that, let rise in warm, drat-free place for 20-30 minutes, or until doubled in size. It is then ready to bake.

I hope these basic techniques help you improve your homemade yeast bread. ^_^ Enjoy the week guys and take care!


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