Masera Tea Batangas; Now Serving! (Formerly TeaLeaves)

I can live without lunch, I just need a cup of icy cold milk tea, I'm totally satisfied!

And regardless with my intro, I'm glad to announce that there's another newly opened MT shop here in Batangas. Hurray! It is located along P. Burgos Street, just beside Red Ribbon Bakeshop and Zeny's Money Changer.

And like other typical milk tea hub, they have a glass door, a very calm ambiance with seats and tables where you can do your chitchats with friends, write a story or you could bring your gadget and just enjoy the environment and your beverage. The place really reminds me of Moonleaf Tea Shop. ^_^

They have their menu board located above the production area, as if others aren't with the same set up. LOL.

You'll notice that they have array of flavors to choose from. Their beverage names are downright witty, well, I'm totally impressed. Lovin' the creme cake sound at the end of the names. :) I've heard they have good tea blends too!

Sister ordered a large Macha Caramel Creme Cake Frappe (Php90+Php15) and mine was a large Black Dragon with whipped cream (Php75+Php15)! I just love how my milk tea turned into scrumptious frappe in a blink! Looks like Java Chip, isn't it? XD Oh no, it's really hard to compare but this one's totally different. Black syrup really blends with the tea base plus the creaminess of the whipped cream. Totally heaven!

We did enjoyed the beverages and the staffs were very nice, escorting us in any way. (Y)

And yeah, this one's a tea place's necessity! Looks like they need a real huge sticky place for all those colorful notes. (Update: I saw last time that they upgraded big time! A HUGE sticky wall instead of these three!)

And yeah, I left a footprint. :) Haha! Clever! I'd be able to advertise/promote my blog that way. *wink*

Me and sister with our half emptied drinks and me hopping around the place to snap more pictures for compilation and blog. Hihi. Will surely be back for more!

And I wish they have Loyaltea Cards too plus more freebies! :D



  1. Wow, the place looks cozy and nice. It resembles moonleaf though. :)

    Take care!

  2. It kinda reminds me of Infinitea here in Makati. Kasi napaka-dami din nilang tea and other drinks. It usually takes me around 15 minutes to choose dahil sa dami. :D

    1. true! it took me and my sis 2 or 3 minutes before we actually had an idea of what to buy. Thanks to the staffs, they helped us pick delicious drinks! :D

  3. Been there once :) I was curious so I decided to try their beverage since Red Ribbon doesn't have one. I tried their cookies and cream and I love it. Next time I'll try a frappe with a whip cream and maybe hang out for a little while and read a book. Their place is really convenient compare to Starbucks.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Hope to see you soon since we're both from City :) Maybe we can hang out at Tea Leaves.

  4. I drooled when I saw the frappe. Parang ang sarap sarap. :D

  5. wooo I like to try the frappe...saan ito ladymyx?? anu mas masarap diyan?milk tea or the frappe??

  6. wooo I like to try the frappe...saan ito ladymyx?? anu mas masarap diyan?milk tea or the frappe??


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