MWF Food Project

Been busy for nothing, really, does made me blog less than the usual. How do I say so? Last March, while having our feasibility study (I'm obviously busy that time preparing for our output and defense), I'd be able to post 18 different articles in a row (that's a wow!). Yes, and apparently, after graduation, there's nothing to blog about (poor me).

And then last night, I thought it'll be exciting if I'll come up with a project like Talent Tuesday or Throwback Thursday (hey! that's viral on IG and other SNS already!). I know! There's nothing I could think of! Stop bugging me conscience! (Okay, continue.) Thanks.

So to keep my blog more active and alive, here I introduce a challenge I've made myself called MWF Project. MWF, as we all know, literally means Monday, Wednesday and Friday but mine's Myx' World of Foods (Visit MWF for more pro and delicate dishes, hehe). And considering that recipe blog, since it's my very first food hub, I've decided to name my challenge after that blog yet still, with other definition.

What's with MWF?

M for Management Monday -
A post of tips and tricks on how to handle and manage stuff in the kitchen (like how tos and DIYs).

W for Wholesome Wednesday -
This one aims to help everyone on how to cook healthy no-cook dishes. Yes, read that right, NO COOKING or NO BAKING REQUIRED, and definitely, HASSLE-FREE recipes. (More likely, easy meals in minutes!)

and F for Foreign Friday -
I can not think of any other things with Fridays so you'll be seeing more of my foreign recipes every end of the week, just to make a change.

Mehehe. So that's it! Pardon me for an uninteresting post tonight. If you have other name suggestions and recommendations, just leave a comment on this post and I will appreciate anyone for doing so. Have a great week!

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