After all...

I just recovered from severe headache. Blame climate change! Haha! Actually, it's really its fault.

Look, our school is having a football team! I can still remember how they cheered for the Azkhals, and now, they wanna follow their path.

I'm adding one subject so my schedule will overload. Kidding! :P I just thought that I need to add this one (Feasibility Study) so I'll not think of it next year. My schedule isn't very hectic. I don't wanna waste the semester with 4 days vacation and 3 days classes a week.

I gained alot of followers in tumblr this afternoon. :) Actually, it's not the followers that count, it's the number of people who's interested in your life and reading what you post.

So, that's for tonight. Good evening in advance.

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  1. I had a severe headache too, thanks to my period. glad that you are okay now ^^


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