Second Day in Class

I have nothing to say about my 2nd day. I only have 1 subject (5 units I guess) for 5 hours, which is Catering. I roamed around the mall today (yesterday was in school :P), and I found my self taking some photos of foods I like.

Pik-nik, LOVEY! One of my favorite. I don't know when I started to love this shoestring potatoes. I just can't resist it. It comes in different flavors, Original (salted, unseasoned), Shoestring Potatoes (now trans fat–free in the 9 oz. size!), 50% Less Salt Shoestring Potatoes, Fabulous Fries, Ketchup Fries, Cheddar Cheese Shoestrings, Honey Mustard Shoestrings
HOT! Shoestrings, Chili Lime Shoestrings and Southwest Barbecue Shoestrings

Here are some chocolate sticks, and chocolate coated biscuits. Did you heard about Pepero? Pepero (빼빼로) is a cookie stick, dipped in chocolate syrup. It's a Korean biscuit. Yeah! All of this stuffs were like pepero. I have tasted it already. I'll buy some next time. :D

Btw, these made my day. :D Thanks hunnie SUSAN who made this Domo-fansign for me. She's really beautiful. :P

And Lionel. Ahh, that's sweet. :D Thanks a lot guys :D

And for now, I'm memorizing the Mission and Vision of our University and the College department also. I've been with this before, and now, with it again. (I hope there are changes next week.)


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