Philippine History

I've always had a fondness for Philippine history. But the problem was, I have this short term memory loss, so after reading and reading, I can hardly remember what is it all about.

Before, we had this subject Philippine history or social science. They said that the best way to appreciate a country is to live in it and to learn about its culture, and that's what we did. Just for sharing, I've learned that 3 reasons made Philippines a unique nation.

Firstly, religion. Filipinos are predominantly Christian in the Asian region. Secondly, because of its political history. Philippines is the first Republic in Asia, being the first Asian nation to achieve independence by revolution and establish a Republic in 1898-1901.

And finally, Filipinos are unique for culturally assimilating four heritages, the indigenous Asian, European, Latin and American heritage.

If you'll ask about resources, we have fertile soil, a good tropical climate and rich natural resources like forest, energy resources, mines, fisheries and abundant plant and animal life.

Where did the name of the Philippines came from?
The name FILIPINAS was given uo our land in 1543 by an Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. It is to honor Prince Felipe, the greatest king of Spain. As time passed by, the spanish Felipinas was later anglicized to Philippines in 1946. And it was so called Pearl of the Orient.

Here in our country has the smallest active volcano in the record, Taal Volcano, which is located here in our place, Batangas.

Taal Volcano
Image from here.

The famous volcano of the Philippines is used to be Mount Mayon, for its nearly perfect cone shape.

Mt. Mayon
Image from here.

The most expensive shell which is the Glory of the Sea and the world's largest pearl which is the Pearl of Allah were found here too. This isn't yet half of Philippines history and features, if you'll spare some time to explore and read, you'll realize how beautiful our country is.

But despite of that, we still fell in line with the third world country, we still suffer from economic crisis. It isn't progressing. The government isn't moving. They took too much time talking and arguing about rh bill and divorse bill. T.T How I wish I can do something for this. But I'm just me, my voice isn't loud enough.

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