I Moved

Yeah, from heard me right, I found my way here in my old blog. My reasons, I'm going to delete my other blog and concentrate in my 4 main blogs. I've realized last night that this blog has a page rank. My browser has a page rank tracker here, a google extension, and it really helps a lot.
I found my url extra unique. I really want to.So sorry guys if I disturbed you. I'm talking about the relinking thing. All post from heard me right were imported to this blog. Even your comments were here. :)

I'm planning to buy some stuffs but I don't have money yet. T_T
Things I need:

Watch, I lost my guess watch, I really can't remember where I placed it. That's my favorite.
Domo bag, I saw one in Robinson Lipa, I hope it's still there the time I'll have money.
Converse shoes, there's one in the mall, and I really like it.
Perfume, just for my lust.
Umbrella, since it's rainy season already, I must have one.


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