Enjoyed to the FULLEST!

Just woke up from a deep sleep. Haha! I just thought I wont wake up. My legs hurt so much! Yesterday is a great day. My relatives and us, [namely tita susan&tito rey's + sons and daughter (gia, gio, kc and clark), tita vibo and jahdiel, lolo lino and tiya tuwa, tita vicky and tito noel, tito noel and ate richie + sons and daughters (zisha, reniel, zaireh, ritzwel, rizha), tatay and momie + kuya jerick, me, and ninay] went out for a swimming, atlast, prayers were heard.

That's my sister, and the lil one was ME :)

Clark, Gia, Ynna, Jahdiel, Me and Gio. (Waiting for the huge wave to bump or backs.)

Us, playing Jump over the Cow

Btw, grats to my super duper pretty cyber bud and hun Susan since she got her DOMAIN. whew. :D I'm happy for you hun ;) I have a new domain too, but I guess I'm giving it away, I don't know what to post in there, my camera screwed out. :( I need a DSLR. Anyone to donate? Hehe.

Other thing, I have read Hun's post about her Mom, I wanna share what other stuffs me and my mom do to spare some time;
  • If she wants to walk and exert some energy
  • we go for a walk inside the mall since it's just 45 mins drive from our house
  • It includes window shopping, shopping, done trips and games
  • If my mom wants to stay at home
  • we create new dishes from ordinary recipes
  • we watch movies together, more on cartoons and animated shows for children, she likes that
  • we watch cooking shows on youtube
  • we just sit and relax and talk about random things and laugh and laugh and laugh.
Filipinos are very fond of singing. For the past century of their existence, singing have been a part of their daily lives. They sing depends on the occasion. Celebration is always accompanied by karaoke or videoke. Even we're not in tune in times, we just ignore it. We can't be blamed, we just wanna express feelings through singing. Researches before showed that singing is a good exercise. Yesterday, people really enjoyed the beach.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is now showing @ABS-CBN in Tagalog. :D

PS: Say hello to our new uniform :D (Click for larger image size)


  1. AAWW thank you for posting this for me hun! im so appreciating it xD
    and yes karaoke may be a good idea cos my mom loves singing so much xD

    thank you thank you :'*
    i love you hun! <3

  2. the unifrom is really nice.
    wondering my uni also has uniform like that :D


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