Outlining Before Writing.

When you are preparing to give a talk or write a post, or composition, it is advisable to plan it in an outline. I building a house, you begin with the framework. Likewise, the first step in composition writing is making an outline. The process of outlining in preparation for composition writing in may be approached in following three ways. Building from small ideas, developing from a central idea, and using anticipate questions. If you have ideas in mind, list them down for parallels. Then, arrange them in sensible orders. Enrich your outline by associating some ideas with new ones. If you are thinking of broad or control ideas, break them down and the minor details of a paragraph. A third process is taking cues from anticipated questions.

Sample of an outline
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You don't actually need to make an outline like this. For bloggers like us, we are too much concern of what we will post. So lets now think of something to write, considering this three ways.

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