Are you ready?

Since it's just a week now before my classes start, I need to set things up and make sure that everything's ready. Things to bring;

Bag. I love bags before't but now, I'm not into it. Perhaps it's because I don't have money to purchase one, unlike before. Btw, here's what I'll use on tuesday.

Notebook. Of course we all need one, very necessary. Mine was small notes packed in one large case, consist of 5 thin notes. Perfect. For I have 5 subjects this sem.

Pens. I have here 3

Papers. We don't use intermediate pad anymore.

Pouch. This is not required actually. I'm just use of it. I bring this everywhere I go. Whats inside are toothbrush, toothpaste, powder,perfume, blush on, foundation stick, liquid and pencil eye liner, ointment, and comb.

I guess that's all. Of course I'll bring hankerchief and umbrella, my phone and some cash. So yeah, after a year, I'm getting myself ready for school again. Am I too excited?

And yeah, my new doll shoes. It's in sale in the mall. :)

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