Calda Pizza; Home of the Biggest Pizza in Town at Lipa City

Posted on August 13, 2012, 11:14am

Sorry for not blogging lately lovies.

The time we went to Lipa last Saturday, we decided to visit Calda Pizza, near La Salle Lipa. It is situated inside a subdivision, if I'm not mistaken. They have 20" pizza for only Php395, well, that's really affordable, perfect for 5-7 persons.

What we ordered was this 20" Calda Pizza, one of their besr seller.

Calda Pizza, Biggest
This is how their 36" pizza looks like. See how big it is.
Almost half of us!

For the price, only Php610 for almost 3 meals for Me and Reren. :P

We will surely come back to Calda Pizza to try the biggest one. :) I'm already excited.


  1. kapatid ka ni egbert, right? anong flavor nung inorder nio?pwede kaya sila magdeliver dito sa batangas city??

    1. Nope. I'm not in any way related to Egbert. :) Calda Pizza po yung inorder namin, may Calda Batangas po sa Bolbok :)

  2. Did you finish all of that?

    I remember celebrating my birthday 4 years ago at calda pizza. It's definitely the cheapest way to to treat 20+ people!

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