Photo a Day: 12-16

Posted on August 18, 2012, 9:36pm

Heyah bloggers! Our monitor collapsed last last last night, it's like a long time ago cause I don't have any idea when did I last used it for blogging. I miss photoshop! Haha! it's like I can't live without it. But most of the computers on internet cafes have PS. :) Still, it's more convinient to use our own.
So to update my photo challenge numbers 12-16, which means 've been absent for almost a week already.


We have this large wooden spoon in our kitchen, sorry if I have to shot it lying on our floor. :P It's from Baguio, perhaps, just like your wooden pair of spoon and fork in your kitchen, yea, most of the houses I've visited have this. It doesn't mean any supertitions. My Mom just love it hanging together with its partner, the awesome fork. :)


That's how me and my sister Ynna went out for a date. We just dress the way we want and the way we should be. Simple. The picture? We're inside a cubile in a fitting room section. :P


I miss doodle-ing, incase there's that word in the dictionary. I finished it already and turn the page totally messy. Apologize for the subject I used, its for my photo a day! :P


After computing all of my expenses, from home to school, I have finalized all of my money for the next week's plans. Me and my sissy need to be thrifty for the spa, movie and food trip. Wew! Its really fun having a date with her! :) So now, we're READY!


Obviously, this is Pancit Gisado of MGM Kitchenette, one of my favorite lomi house in town! I ate this all alone. So pitty me. :(

Will update more later. :P

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