Photo a Day: RING

Posted on August 10, 2012, 10:29pm

It's my Mom's wedding ring. She gave me that when I was thirteen. I guess. I can hardly remember when was that, all I know is, its a long long time ago. Everyone who sees it, me wearing it, exclaims that I'm already married. Well, that's a good thing. :) People will not ask for my name and number cause they thought I'm married and not interested. :P


  1. your mom gave it to you?? but why?? lol. anyway, i love the photograph...

    by the way, i tried firmoo but it says i can't avail their free glasses because im not n independent blog :((. but thanks

  2. she said it doesn't fit to her fingers anymore :P

  3. love it! :D
    Since Aian talked about firmoo, haha I tried applying again. still waiting for their response. hihi. And until now, still haven't received my parcel. I went to the post office but it's not there :(. Anyway, really love your #photoadayaug for RING :D

  4. my brother's glasses havent arrived yet. sabi niya baka daw binaha na yun :P

  5. aww. its so cute, and its from yer mom. so sweet. :)

    so is it a good thing or not ? that some boys thinks yer married ?

  6. Awww... are you getting married soon? *wink wink* :D


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