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Posted on August 23, 2012, 8:41pm

Sorry guys if I'll have to discontinue my photo challenge for the month of August. :( I don't have time for it since we're seriously taking our feasibility study. All of my time runs on it.

I can barely remember when I last updated my entry. We are having semester's general assembly tomorrow. All are required to attend the said meeting cause it is our acquaintance too.

Inay Mila, one of the CTHM faculty member asked me to join the annual President's Cup next month. I am not actually into extracurricular activities especially those contest which require students to write stuffs extemporaneously and compose something on the spur of the moment. Sadly, (I am not sad actually. LOL) she suggested me to join film review. Then another classmate of mine dragged me to join brochure making. I don't have any idea on what's on their mind. There are so many AIHMS (Assoc. of International Hospitality Management Students) students who were really capable and eligible for that criteria.

But this incident led me to discover something (I mean, someone [?]). Since I started posting articles in this blog, I have already this friend who write reviews (movies and books), write her own stories, make opinions about the society and any other stuffs related to literary writing (she's a literature student :X and I admire her so much). And most of the words she use are unbearable of my ingenious mind. Reading her works inspires me. Do I need to name her in this post? No? Or let me hid her in the name of Rhea. :)

She's that good in this foreign language in that early age which made me feel that I have no right to write something like this. :( That made me wonder. Was that the school she went in her high school, or just her passion and enthusiast in reading books and other literature? Blame myself for being a procrastinate! Well I guess, I need to start reading books and watching foreign movies.

I guess, that's all for tonight.

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  1. ugh! We feel the same! Haha! I always envied those people who actually are good in this stuff. And I must agree that the key is reading. hihi!
    Hope you have a time to visit and check out my blogspot about Reading :D


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