Film Review: The Reunion (2012)

Posted on August 27, 2012, 6:25pm

Main Casts
Enrique Gil as Boggs
Xian Lim as Joax
Enchong Dee as Lloyd
Kean Cipriano as Pat
Jessy Mendiola as Ali
Megan Young as Toyang
Julia Montes as Ligaya
Bangs Garcia as Shirley

I started this review with a dictionary beside me and thinking of that certain right words to fit on the introduction I wanna make for the movie "The Reunion".

At first, I planned to grab the book but then I decided to make this one out of my own.

Before I read and studied the somewhat-quirky reviews of Rhea and printed them out for personal references.

So to start story telling, I am confuse and a little absurd about the title since it doesn't really fit the whole story of the movie. The reunion was held once, unfinished and left mishap. But this led the peer to reminisce the stuffs about their past and what they need to do with the present.

The film focused on how Lloyd (played by Enchong Dee) tries to find his past love and reconcile with her (ex gf, which is played by Kristine Reyes). Thanks to (Jay) Matt Evans who imprudently made the juveniles laugh at their seats. His decent act placed color to the movie. I so love the last part when they brought back the people from the past, the people they loose before. I felt sorry about Joax (Xian Lim) who didn't have second chance with Toyang (Ligaya). Well, that's life after all, and that's the reality. I doesn't always have a happy ending.

The movie isn't really a blast but I can say, it is worth watching.

Lesson: It is true, finding someone, something you left behind, made you realize the things and people you were having all the time, everytime you felt depressed and down, they're just there, even if you're ignoring them, they still stay beside you. You don't have to lose them before you realize that they were really important.

Madalas ay binabalewala mo lang ang mga bagay na meron ka kasi ay lagi lang naman silang nandyan. Saka mo lang mare-realize na mahalaga ang mga ito kapag wala na ang mga ito sayo.


  1. Ooooh!!! The Reunion! I'm planning to watch it with my friends some time after the exams. HAHA!

  2. Good review. :) Haven't watched it yet 'coz the trailer isn't that great..hehe

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Just followed you. Hope you can follow me back too.



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