Cha Dao Tea Place at Lipa City

Second time of our visit to Lipa, we had our interview with the government employees regarding the total number of residents, ratio of female to male, number of private and public schools and the list of existing travel agencies which shocked us because we're expecting only 4 competitors within the city.

My seatmates at the backseat :)

Mr. Bon, from the office of City Planning and Development, handed us the list we needed.

Before heading our way home, I asked my classmate to stop by this Milk Tea shop in front of La Salle Lipa. This is my first try ever, yes, I haven't tried any milk tea except Naicha of Chowking. It's just a small room perfect to a group of 6. They have chairs and tables for those who want to spend their time sipping their choice of milk tea.

List of their products. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.
I tried their best seller called Assam.

Half way! This means I want moooreee! :)
This is my favorite part! :)
I left a footprint at Cha Dao Tea Place Lipa :) Find it if you can!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm from Lipa City and i saw your notes. Btw nice blog. keep it Up. :)


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