30 Day Doodle Challenge

Posted on November 22, 2011, 05:57pm
Scheduled post at 10:30pm
Hello fellow bloggers and friends! :D How's everyone? :D

I'm here to post what's recent, what's new. Well, Our teacher asked us to write something about us in the future. What would be our business 5-10 years from now? And this is my answer.

Ten years from now, I'll be owning a t-shirt printing shop, since one of my hobby is creating or making random shirt designs. It could be a couple shirt, an organizational shirt, a class shirt, etc etc. And I'm loving kawaii stuffs too. Besides, I'm planning to have an accessory shop in the future. Ok, I don't wanna share na. hehe. Laziness strikes.

Now, I'm lacking any sort of inspiration. So I decided to create this challenge. Hehe. Yeah, I thought of the things I can blog everyday. Then after writing it out, I put it on random.org to be ramdomized. Why should I have to do this? Because I want to be thrilled in every challenge for every day. Get that? So, to explain further, my rules are:

* To complete the challenge, I need to post 30 times during the scope of the challenge.
* Each post must have doodle with its corresponding explanation and text post.

As simple as that. So I wish I could complete this challenge. I promise to make a doodle everyday but I'm not sure if I can post it on a daily basis. Usage of computer is limited. 

So, I'll be starting today the challenge today. :D

last song I played in my mp3

(scanned)(colored in photoshop)

Click here to see more of my works

Secondhand Serenade is one of my favorite single band for almost 5 years. I just love the way John Vesely deliver his songs. I've heard that some of his songs are dedicated to his wife. I don't now if it is true. I don't actually care about his lovelife. hehe. I just love listening to his compositions. He's an awesome guy.

Ps. I'm going to buy stuffs online. This is the very first time to buy something online. I just love Domo items from Ate Gel's Online Shop. :D Click here to visit.

I guess, that's it. Adios! :D

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  1. That challenge looks really cool! I remember doing that kind of challenge on Facebook a few months back :)

    I really like your works too! People who can draw are awesomeeee <3


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