Foundation and Pressed Powder

Girls are girls. We love using beauty products for us to look pretty and presentable, other says because they think they look better with it and also may be a formal thing.

Yes, I wear make up too, but occasionally only. I don't use make up everyday, when I'm in school or wheresoever. I apply some when we have school activities such as sample interviews, Food and Beverage management, catering, etc. But before applying make ups, I use foundation or pressed powder.

I bought this stick foundation 2 years ago. This one is an Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation (Miel)

The consistency of this product amazed me. It's very creamy, the coverage is so good.

Applied on skin
I don't have brush to diffuse the cream. I just use my bare hands. :)

Aside from this stick foundation, I have this pressed powder from Avon as well. (Soft Bisque) This one is very convenient to use. I have this in my bag everyday. yes, my daily use. Girls don't need to grab a large powder bottle from their bag, place on hands then apply on face. And it is very economical :)

For the conclusion, I want/need both. :) They did their job well. (For me.)

So, for the other girls out there, I want to hear your voices. Which do you prefer, Foundation or pressed powder?


  1. nice blog you have here.
    thanks for the visit.
    have a nice day :)

  2. I use a two-way cake foundation by ELF and it's amazing. It works for me and blends well on my skin tone :)

  3. I prefer liquid foundation since it so much easier to glade on the face and yes, I am also into compact powder. Btw, nice products you have shared.


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