Life is so Random

What are the things that you're afraid of? Some are afraid of creepy insects, while others are afraid of the ghost, in the dark, hoping for nothing. I've been afraid of the dark too, but not with insects such as cockroaches, worms, and the like. Insects which lives on plants taste like junk food, I've tried to eat some before in a seminar discussing about exotic foods that can be eaten and some are profitable. I'm afraid of crowded places but i'm not really certain cause i can still handle myself when i'm in the middle of thousands of people, but i'm afraid someone will snatch my things, in short, in bad guys. I'm afraid to lose someone i love, i'm afraid to be hurt. I'm afraid to be left alone. I'm afraid to lose my phone. I'm afraid on how will i suffer from pain and die. It's not dying that i'm afraid of, it's on how i'm going to die. Why did I spit this out? I don't know. Mehehe. I just wanna share. :P


And yes, this past few days, I worked on my scholarship. Heard that right! My scholarship. My Mom purchased this scholarship 9 years ago, I guess, and we're hoping that we can get anything from it. The company have been corrupted before, and that's the reason why we stop our contact with them. So now, we're hoping that the company can stand on what they have promised us. :|


Advo (our campus journalists, is that really is it?) released its new issue of its magazine entitled Advozine [Metamorphosis]. As seen in the front page, she's Mariposa, yes, Butterfly! :) And that caught my attention to grab one and start reading. As what I expected, the magazine was comprised with awesome articles about our school, the country and ofcourse, internationally. The articles about some of the campus' anomaly caught my attention. I can say that I am not alone, I'm not the only one who experienced such things.

I hope that regular classes will start tomorrow. Excited to learn French. :D


PS. Congrats to my blog. It's now Page Rank 2. :)


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