Am I Creative? No or No?

Posted on November 16, 2011, 04:30pm
Scheduled post at November 17, 2011, 9pm

Irrelevant title.

Hey! How are yah? Everyone's busy huh? :D Well that's fine. Cause you're not alone. I'm busy with school too, though regular classes doesn't started yet. My other instructors are still in Singapore, and other places that's why they're not able to meet our class.

There's a lot of thing I want to share about school. But I've decided not to tell all.

As I mentioned before, we will have an Events Class, which means we will handle an event/function in the near future, and it will be a bit different from our catering last sem. Well, it's more different actually. :P Our class, same with the others will hold an interhigh/intercollegiate competition. it will be called as "CULTOURIMPICS; The Culinary and Tourism Olympics". I don't know who cam out with this theme, but yeah, it's pretty nice. And evertone is required to submit atleast one proposed shirt design.

I guess you know me already. I will never miss this oppurtunity. :D Have I told you that my design was chosen as our department or organizational shirt? *hihi* Actually, that's not important. I just received a 50% discount on the org shirt. That's not bad. :D

Ok, so, this first two photos are my design.

Blue is my motif. That colorful circles are the logo of Olympics, with the globe in the center, which represents tourism (all over the world), with noodle strainer and turner on top and bottom. And that random colorful vector is just a design. Nothing more. :P



What can you say about that? I guess the faculty didn't liked that. They asked me to redo it just like pictured below. So now, what do you think?

Which is better? First or second?

So, I guess that's it for today. :D Take care!


  1. I've a same experience like you too, the faculty didn't like my design, lol but that's okay. I still enjoy it :)

  2. your design is really cute. i like the second design but not the color. keep it up sis <3

  3. @comica, we have the same experince :P thats cool! :P

    @sis joe, you like maroon? hehe. i like it either. but i prefer to wear the first one. hehe


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