Posted on November 18, 2011, 04:30pm
Scheduled post at 9pm

! :D After recovering from mild headache and sore throat, I found myself here in from of the computer updating my blog. I have sneaked here after my sister had used it so I can post something. My dad didn't allow me to stay long in front of this so I'll gonna have a quick post. :D

So, stated in my title, here are the stuffs you can find inside my bag, which I bring everyday for school. I don't bring too many things cause I don't want my bag to mess or something.

So here's my notebook, I made use of this last sem. I didn't consumed all of its pages, so it's now been recycled . My small pouch which contains everything. Hehe. My umbrella (Fibrella Silver Lite), my Domo wallet ofcourse, and yes, my super duper loved phone (Samsung Corby Pop).

I so love my phone. Last time when I went to Mcdonalds to pee, I left my phone inside the bathroom. Good thing was, an old good lady returned it to me. I don't know what to do if ever I lost it.

Being focused. Hehe.

So now, what's inside that orange pouch?

Bigger ones.


  • My Colgate travel toothbrush (lavander)
  • Happy toothpaste 25 ml
  • Green Cross sanitizing gel 60 ml
  • HBC Hair cuticle coat 45ml
  • Avon pressed powder spf 14 soft bisque
  • Avon pressed powder spf 14 pink blush
  • comb
  • MacroAsia pen
  • Pilot pen
  • Dong A jetstick apple green
  • Everbilena stick foundation Miel
  • Everbilena mascara and liquid eyeliner in one
  • Clinique Happy Women perfume refil 12ml
  • liquid eyeliner
  • Nichido white eye pencil
  • Avon Colorbliss lipstick red fantacy
  • Cleene Mini Floss mint waxed
  • Best Buy stick on
  • small hair clam
  • Chelou blusher duo
  • pqi flash disk 128mb
  • Gentle feminine wipes
  • Hearttex tissue

I bring bottled water in school too, and some biscuits for snack. My other classmates think that I'm like a kindergarten who bring food for recess. But that's less tiring, I don't need to go to the cafeteria to purchase what I want, just like what they do.


  1. parehas tayo ng suklay sis! kaso yellow sakin :)) hihi. hope you'll get better soon! :D

  2. Good thing nabalik yung phone mo sayo! Buti nalang mabait yung nakakita nyan at hindi kinuha. :)

  3. @jenn, hehe. i've been using that suklay for almost 5 years na. noong highschool ko pa siya :P hindi pa din napapalitan.

  4. @jen, yes sis, super thankful po ako. pero feel ko din na kung hindi ko binalikan, baka natangay na din. :((

  5. nagdadala din ako ng snack and bottled water :D

  6. organized! :) nagbabaon din ako ng snack and bottled water :D

  7. @jennifer, its unussual for my classmates kapag ang isang college student ay may baon na snack or lunch box. :P

  8. Pagaling ka! :D Daming laman ng bag mo. Siguro pag grad ko, dadami din laman nung akin. Chos. hihi. :D

  9. Andami ko din stuff sa bag ko! Might do the same in one of my blog's next entries :) Cute nung Domo purse! Ano, kelan ka na bibili ng Domo items sa shop ko? Habang may free shipping! Heehee ;)

  10. @umi, actually, yan lang ang kaya kong dalin kasi i hate heavy bags. :P

  11. I love the cute wallet! Face powder, sanitizer and tissue ang hindi nawawala sa bag ko bukod pa sa mga ibang abubot..

  12. thanks for dropping ate anne :D

    he is DOMO (wallet), my husband. hehe

  13. ha, I always have an umbrella no matter the weather.


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