Sorry for a Sudden Hiatus

I thought I'd be leaving this blog for good. Yet I came back for something. Why? I'm going to have a mini store, an online store, and I hope it will become bigger soon. Sorry for a short hiatus. I just found myself too busy for the semestral break. My relatives from other town went here and I got no time for this blog.

Last week, including last last week was very tiring. Our computer sucked that time and haven't visited this site. I really had a private life last weeks. Really. And from that, I can say that, I can really live without computer/internet (but please don't take my phone away from me).

I slept in my grandmas house and had fun talking to her. I felt I'm a princess cause she gave the things I need and what I want. It's like I never wanna go home. I wanna live there forever, which is can not be, and impossible to be. *T_T*

By the way, I planned to dye my hair a year ago but I don't have an opportunity to do it cause I am confuse if it will suit to me. The fact is, I don't wanna try cause I don't wanna look vain. (What?? O.O) I'll try some other time. I promise. Maybe, dark brown.

I got my hair cut today. Some of the articles in the internet stated that women cut their hair short because they're depressed, stressed, cause people all know that girls really love their crowning glory, their hair. How would it be? How will our hair affects our emotions? I'll figure this out later. But before I cut my hair, I straighten it, curled it, and finally, made to decide to cut it short after 2 years.

So now, which is prettier? XD

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

And oh, because I do really love perfumes, stated here in my post before (, I started to enter into a perfume business. Photos? :)

I will post something about this on Monday perhaps. So that's it. Happy Sunday! :) Keep on rocking! XD

Thanks Tito Allan for the package :) (Cadbury Chocolates + Skittles [a lot of Skittles XD])

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  1. Nawww so you were thinking of leaving your blog :( well I'm glad to see you back, although I'm not if it's for good :D

    I love your hair!! especially the first one, it's so straight and long :D Oh and what you said about short hair being cut because of tradition and love, it's pretty true XD Although I cut my hair because I wanted short hair >.<


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