Posted on November 27, 2011, 06:27pm
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Suppose to be, all levels (prep to college) here in Batangas don't have classes tomorrow. Why? I received a chain message and its all about this.

I asked my instructor if we really have classes, but she told me she didn't know, its up to me, its my decision if I'll be going to school or not. She also told me that UB did not cancel classes. I asked my sister to check our school's Facebook fan page for updates, but all we saw are complains of the students about having our regular classes. It was announced in the radio that it will be a busy street tomorrow and the city will close the national road for the convenience of those who are included in the parade. So I decided not to go to school tomorrow, instead, I'll watch the said parade and see how beautiful are those candidates of Miss Earth 2011.



Kariman. I don't know if its imported or what. Actually, this small bread with fillings looks like fried sandwich in golden brown. This is my first attempt to buy such food. And my mom told me its yummy. My dad agreed (both pizza kariman). I'll try another flavor next time.


My phone is the best. But still, I crave for DSLR and my own laptop. I don't know when will I have this things.

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  1. Wow you're really talented with your doodles! Wish I could doodle that well :s

    At least you have free day tomorrow! Buti ka pa, kainggit naman. Tas holiday uli sa Wednesday? Hehe.

    BTW, i'm not sure if you're getting my tweets regarding your items. Nakareserve pa rin siya sayo ha :)


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